Meta Arguments

Most EOS modules support additional arguments (meta arguments) in addition to the arguments available for configuring the resource. The meta arguments provide additional connection and troubleshooting arguments for executing tasks in Ansible.

Not all modules support all meta arguments. Please review the individual module documentation for applicability.

Troubleshooting Arguments

This section provides an overview of the arguments available for troubleshooting tasks with EOS modules.

  • debug (booleans) - Enables additional output from the module
  • logging (booleans) - Enables or disables logging details to syslog

Connection Arguments

The connection arguments provide a set of arguments that override the values from eapi.conf or eliminate the need for eapi.conf all together.

  • config (string) - overrides the default path to the eapi.conf file
  • username (string) - specifies the eAPI username used to authenticate
  • password (string) - specifies the eAPI password used to authenticate
  • host (string) - specifies the host address or FQDN for the connection
  • port (string or integer) - specifies the port to use when connecting
  • connection (string) - specifies the name of the connection profile to use
  • transport (string) - configures the transport to use. Valid transport options include “http”, “https”, “socket”, “http_local”.

State Arguments

The state arguments provide state configuration for modules that are identified as stateful.

  • state (string) - configures the resource state. Valid values include “present”, “absent”. Note that some modules can additional states